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Fox Pest Control Sponsors “What The Muck?!?” to Help Clean Lake Elizabeth

Fox Pest Control Sponsors “What The Muck?!?” to Help Clean Lake Elizabeth

At Fox Pest Control, we know first-hand that sometimes you have to get a little dirty to get a job done. When we see others in our community rolling up their sleeves, we’re always happy to jump in and help.

The team at Fox Pest Control’s Pittsburgh branch has committed to sponsoring “What the Muck?!?”, the annual clean up of Lake Elizabeth — a man-made, community water feature in Allegheny Commons Park. The 2022 clean up is scheduled to take place across three different days – April 6, 7, and 9. 

A collaboration between Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy in partnership with Allegheny Cleanways, the event is named after the build up of organic matter that volunteers wade through and remove from the bottom of the lake. 

According to Erin Tobin, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Community Engagement Manager, the clean up is very important. 

“…the city of Pittsburgh drains the lake every year and then the Parks Conservancy organizes a volunteer event to clean up all the organic matter that falls into the lake throughout the year. Because if we don’t, it creates algae blooms in the warmer months and then the lake smells really bad during the summertime. So we do this every spring so that the lake can be nice for the summertime.”

In the past, sponsorships and donations have been used to cover the cost of materials needed to remove the muck, but thanks to a partnership with Allegheny Cleanways in 2021, the event is now more efficient and sustainable, using dumpsters to haul waste away rather than trash bags. 

Fox’s sponsorship helps offset the cost associated with organizing and executing the event. 
If you’re down to get dirty for a good cause, consider volunteering for this year’s event!

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