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Preventing Mosquitoes Around Your Yard

Preventing Mosquitoes Around Your Yard

Preventing Mosquitoes Around Your Yard

Posted April 16, 2021

As the cold, dark winter melts into spring we experience the annual reaffirmation of life itself. The sunshine’s golden rays warm a path for vibrant colors to bloom, brightening our outlooks and lifting our dispositions … but don’t be fooled — it’s all a set up!

The mosquitoes have us right where they want us … outside.

Having been dormantly hiding over the winter, female mosquitoes are now coming out of their version of hibernation in search of energy. And they aren’t too picky, either. They’ll bite any Tom, Dick, or Harrietta they can find, and they’ll take turns doing it all summer long — not even our pets are safe.

That is, of course, unless we take measures to discourage the blood letting in and around our homes. Here’s a few ideas to help; they’re probably not new, but we can all use reminders from time-to-time:

  1. Get rid of standing water — Mosquitoes love standing water … they don’t just love standing water, they LOVE LOVE standing water! In fact, without it, it’s almost impossible for their little circle of life to keep going on the ‘round-about. We’re talking ditches, rain gutters, old tires … in the littlest of puddles you’ll likely find mosquito eggs and larvae.
  2. Trim grass and shrubs — Mosquitoes are just like everybody else. When they’re not looking for a meal, they’re trying to sleep one off — a meal that is (unless they’re hanging out at bars after 2 a.m., at which point they become a problem for law enforcement). They like to rest in cool overgrown grass, or on the underside of bushes and shrubs. Keeping everything trimmed up nice and tidy helps reduce their hiding places on your property.
  3. Clean landscape water features regularly — It’s important to regularly clean your water features like bird baths. Mosquitoes will even lay eggs in your pet’s water dish, which could leave you with an infestation on your hands … your arms … your ankles … you get the picture. Break the cycle; over the course of a lifetime (about two months), a female mosquito will lay around 300 eggs … that’s a lot of buzzing and biting my friend. 

If you are starting to see too many mosquitoes around, you can give us a call at FOX Pest Control and we’ll send a licensed and certified technician to your place the same day. Just poke (855) 953-2002 into your phone, or submit a contact form here; and we’ll be there to help.

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