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Typical Newport Pest Control Problems

Newport, RI extends directly off the mainland and into the Atlantic Ocean. This makes Newport the perfect place to go for gorgeous views and boating trips. However, in every paradise, there’s a caveat. Rodents like mice and rats also like to spend their time in Newport since they’re attracted to water sources. When the weather is warmer, rodents tend to burrow outside. The problems come in the fall and winter when mice and rats look for refuge indoors.  They’re able to squeeze through the smallest holes, so it can be hard to keep them out without being hyper aware of the condition a property’s in. Once inside, they usually chew through insulation, food, and anything they can get their claws in. If you hear scratching in the walls or keep finding chewed up items, call Fox Pest Control for professional rodent removal services. 

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Our Connection to Newport

Fox Pest Control strives to support businesses and organizations in the Newport area. Currently, Fox is a member of the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce. The chamber allows us to connect with other RI businesses and keep up to date on what’s going on in the community. We’re very grateful for our membership in the chamber. Fox also has the privilege of sponsoring the Newport Historical Society, an organization that educates the public through demonstrations, reenactments, seminars and web content. Both the chamber and the Newport Historical Society are key parts of the Newport community. 

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Why you should choose Fox Pest Control in Rhode Island

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