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Fox Pest Controls Helps Fund Veteran Scholarships

Fox Pest Controls Helps Fund Veteran Scholarships

We’re proud to have many veterans in our Fox Family. At Fox Pest Control’s Rochester branch, manager Anthony (Tony) Della Penna is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving seven and a half years for our country. 

As we will never be able to show our appreciation enough for the efforts and sacrifices that men and women make when serving in our military, we like to find organizations that give back to veterans and their families. This year, Fox Pest Control’s Rochester branch is pleased to announce a donation to Sustainability for Scholarships!  

Started in 2018, Sustainability for Scholarships is a non-profit that helps provide scholarships for veterans by promoting green initiatives in the community (talk about a win-win!). Here’s how it works: 

In order to earn money to fund scholarships for vets to pay off their G.I. Bill balances or to support the dependents of veterans, Sustainability for Scholarships partners with local businesses to collect bottles and cans which they then exchange at local recycling facilities for 6¢ a piece. Scholarships are then awarded to veterans or veteran dependents that are attending Nazareth College in Rochester, NY or Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. Additionally, the organization also hosts several local fundraisers throughout the year, including a 5K run. 

Sustainability for Scholarships is the brainchild of Derek Matina, a Le Moyne College alumni. Back when Derek was in highschool in Pittsford, he wanted to find a way to continue the legacy that his grandfathers – who both served in WWII – created by assisting veterans after their deployment and service ended. Derek decided the best way that he could assist would be to help pay for their education. Derek, board members of the organization and a network of volunteers and partners have done amazing work over the years. Since 2015, the organization has collected 350,000 cans and bottles and raised more than $20,000. In total, Sustainability for Scholarships has awarded 14 different scholarships. 

While anyone can make monetary donation to the charity, an even easier way to help out is to place your recyclable items in the marked recycling bins at any a variety of local businesses and events, including Fairport Canal Days, Guitars and Stars, Rochester International Jazz Festival, Chil-e Fest, Park Ave Fest, Fairport Music Festival, and Park Point Concert in the Square.

To get involved or learn more about Sustainability for Scholarships, visit

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