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If you’ve ever been stung by a hornet, you know it’s an extremely painful experience. Some people will only have an itchy bump for a few days, but for others, a hornet sting can be life-threatening. In Rochester area, hornets will build their nests in yards and under eaves, causing concern to homeowners.

Hornets are passive creatures when away from their nests, but they have a reputation for being aggressive towards humans. The fact of the matter is that hornets are only aggressive when disturbed or feel like their colony is being threatened. For this reason, it’s best practice to hire a local Rochester pest control exterminator to properly perform hornet nest removal around your Rochester home. At Fox, we want to help you get rid of hornets so you can feel safe and comfortable in your own yard.

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On This Page: Signs of an Infestation, Things to Know About Hornets in Rochester, Prevention Tips, How Do I Remove Them?, Hornet Nest Removal FAQ

If you’re having problems with bees, wasps, or yellow jackets, check out these pages for more info.

Signs of a Hornet Infestation

You might already know for sure that you have a hornet problem. But here are a couple of the most common signs of a hornet infestation in Rochester. 

Flying Hornets

You might see one flying around the house, yard, or garden.

Visible Hornet’s Nests

These are always physical nests built above the ground, usually in trees or on soffits. They can range in size from a golf ball to a basketball. Leave hornet nest removal in Rochester to the professionals!

Hidden Nests

Some types of wasps make nests underground, underneath house siding, or in gutters. You’ll know you have hornets (or another type of wasps) if you see them flying in and out of specific places in or around your home.

Things You Need to Know About Hornets

  • Hornets are a large type of stinging wasp that come in all different colors. These pests can be:
    • Black   
    • Orange
    • Dark yellow
    • Dark red 
    • Up to one inch or larger in length 
    • Very aggressive and prone to stinging
  • Hornets are very territorial and are liable to sting if you enter what they deem their space. 
  • These flying pests can be beneficial in some cases because they mainly eat other insects. This could help reduce the number of other pests you see on your Rochester property. However, most would argue that the immediate threat hornets pose to you and your family outweighs any benefits.
  • Like other wasps, hornets love to eat sugar and sap but are also very good at controlling garden insect populations.

Helpful Hornet Prevention Tips: 

  • Make or purchase Hornet Decoys to hang in areas where hornets nest.
  • Limit food access by covering trash cans and food.
  • Ensure all door and window screens are in good repair.

How Do I Get Rid Of Hornets? 

  1. Call Us – Think you have a Hornet problem? Call Fox Pest Control for a free Rochester nest removal quote.
  2. Schedule Service – Schedule [same day/prompt] service with one of our certified Fox Pest Control technicians.
  3. Service – Your technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and property in order to provide a customized Hornet treatment plan that will be most effective for your situation.
  4. Report – You will receive a detailed report of the service provided and helpful recommendations to remain Hornet free.
  5. Follow Up – We come back regularly throughout the year to ensure the Hornets don’t come back. If you see any Hornet activity between your regularly scheduled service, simply give us a call. We’ll come back for free!

How Do I Get Rid of Hornets Near Rochester, NY?

Step 1: Schedule

Call (585) 412-2711 for a free inspection. If you call before 2:00 pm, we can often come that day!

Remote locations & other conditions may require next-day service.

Step 2: Treatment

A certified technician will inspect your property & provide customized pest control treatment based on the inspection results.

Step 3: Follow Up

Each service provides a detailed report & helpful tips to keep pests away. We return regularly throughout the year, increasing protection with every visit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you see pest activity between your regularly scheduled services, we will return free of charge!

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How to Get Rid Of Wasp and Hornets | Fox Pest Control

Hey guys, Caleb here with Fox Pest Control.

If you see wasps or hornets around your home, that means there's a nest somewhere nearby,

and removing it can be dangerous.

When wasps or hornets feel threatened, they get aggressive and sting.

At Fox Pest Control, we have the right safety equipment to take care of these threatening pests so you can enjoy your yard again.

We take care of your wasp and hornet problems by sending one of our certified pest pros to inspect your home and yard.

After locating any nests, our pest pro will apply the most effective treatment for your problem.

Once the wasps or hornets have been eliminated, we will remove the nest if possible.

If you see wasps or hornets around your home, give us a call for a quote

or to schedule same-day service.

At Fox Pest Control, we care about keeping you and your family safe.

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Hornet Control FAQ

How do I get rid of hornets?

Hornets are extremely tough insects, and they’re difficult to keep away from your home when you’re trying to do it alone. Fox Pest Control in Rochester is here so you don’t have to feel alone. Whether the hornets are building nests in your eaves and soffits, in the siding of the house, in a tree, or in the ground, we have the tools to keep you safe. Our treatments will get rid of wasps for you and make your home safe and comfortable again.

Are hornets dangerous?

Some people are allergic to hornet stings. When stung, they are at risk to go into anaphylaxis, which is life-threatening.

For most people in Rochester, stinging insects like hornets don’t usually cause more than a painful welt and some swelling. However, too many stings could cause life-threatening reactions. Better safe than sorry, call Fox Pest Control to get rid of hornets!

Can hornets sting multiple times?

Like many other stinging wasps, hornets can sting you multiple times because their stinger is straight. By contract, honey bees have a barbed stinger, they can only sting once and then die. 

Are hornets beneficial at all?

In general, hornets eat crop-destroying insects and insect pests, which makes them beneficial in the wild. 

Some hornets contribute to plant pollination the way honey bees do, although no hornets are as effective at plant pollination as native bees.

Do hornets pollinate plants?

Some species of hornets also eat flower nectar and pollen, just like bees, which means some hornets help plants by pollination. Although, no pollinating insects are quite as efficient pollinators as native bees.

What do hornets eat?

Most hornets only eat meat and other insects. However, there are some types of hornets that also eat flower nectar and pollen.

Do hornets make honey?

Some hornet species in Rochester can make a small amount of honey that they regurgitate for their larvae to eat. However, they don’t collect pollen the way honey bees do.

What are the differences between wasps, hornets, bumblebees, yellow jackets, and bees?

Wasps. A wasp is a general group of flying, stinging insects that eat meat, can sting multiple times, and are either solitary or make colonies. This means that hornets, yellow jackets, mud daubers, and paper wasps are all types of the general “wasp” group.

Bees. All bees are hairy and have short wings. They can either be yellow and black or entirely black. Bees are neither bumblebees nor wasps. Of the thousands of types of bees, carpenter bees and honey bees are the most common.

Bumblebees. All bumblebees are closely related to wasps, but they are neither bees nor wasps. They have stubby wings and fat, hairy bodies that are black and yellow. They often make small colonies underground.

What is an Asian giant hornet — AKA, “murder hornet”?

Asian giant hornets are a very large hornet that lives in colonies. They usually kill colonies of honey bees all at once in order to eat their larvae.

What do Asian giant hornets look like?

They can grow to about 2 inches long, with yellow heads and either yellow-and-black stripes or yellow-and-brown stripes on their abdomen. 

Where did murder hornets first appear in the U.S.?

As of December 2019, Asian giant hornets, Vespa mandarinia, were spotted in Washington State. Their native range is mainly in the eastern parts of Asia, so they don’t belong in the U.S. That makes them an “invasive species.”

Are murder hornets dangerous?

Asian giant hornets can be very aggressive if you mess with their nest, but contrary to their “murder hornet” name, they won’t come after you as killer bees do. 

Will murder hornets kill me?

Contrary to their nickname, Asian giant hornets are not usually aggressive and don’t go after people unless you handle them or threaten their nest. But their sting can be deadly if enough of them sting you, especially for those allergic to wasp stings. Globally, up to a few dozen people die from these wasps every year. 

What’s the difference between the murder hornet and cicada killers or the European hornets?

The main difference is in size, though there are differences in coloration.

Asian giant hornets are about 2 inches long, and they have a yellow head with yellow and black or yellow and brown stripes on their abdomen. 

Cicada killers are usually 1.5 inches long, and they are black or dark brown with yellow stripes and a dark-colored head. Cicada killers are solitary.

European hornets are between 3/4 and 1.5 inches long. They are usually brown with yellow stripes and pale colors on their heads.

How do I know if I’ve seen a murder hornet?

The way you can clearly identify them is that the Asian giant hornet is huge! It’s the biggest known wasp species, measuring around 1.5 - 2 inches in length for the worker wasps. The Asian giant hornet also has a unique color pattern. Its head is completely yellow, and its abdomen has either yellow and black or yellow and brown stripes. 

Why are Asian giant hornets called murder hornets?

Even though the mainstream media has labeled these hornets as “murder hornets,” in reality these wasps don’t go rampaging and killing people as the name suggests. 

What do murder hornets eat?

Sadly, these wasps are murderous against honey bees. A few Asian giant wasps are capable of completely slaughtering a honey bee colony of 30,000 to 50,000 individuals in just a span of a few hours! 

What should I do if I see a murder hornet?

If you think you may have come across the Asian giant wasp, don’t hesitate to call your state department of entomology extension office to confirm the identification.

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