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Sentricon: Feeding Termites To Death

Sentricon: Feeding Termites To Death

Sentricon: Feeding Termites To Death

Posted April 12, 2021

The good news is, it takes 60,000 or so termites about five months to devour an eight-foot 2×4 piece of wood. The bad news is, termite colonies usually number in the millions, and their tiny little tummies seem to need relentless refueling. Best guessers estimate it can only take three years for an established termite colony to cause significant damage to your home. 

Let’s not go there.

Fox Pest Control can stop termites before they can get a good “chew on” at your place. We use the number-one rated Sentricon bait system to get rid of the destructive bugs. Sentricon is designed to feed termite colonies all they want … in fact, Sentricon ends up feeding the little critters to death. Now it’s true that because bait systems are designed to get rid of termites by “door dashing” contaminated food throughout the colony, it takes time (around three months) for them to all come to dinner … “Termite, party of twenty-two million — your table is ready.”

Sentricon bait stations are installed inconspicuously around the perimeter of your home. Here’s how it works:

A termite workers’ job is to forage for food 24 hours a day. These guys will travel distances of up to 300 feet from the nest — that’s the length of a football field. When they find food like at a “… Sentricon Supermarket, always conveniently located just off Route 66,” the workers are eager to share the news with their nest mates, (they probably get the equivalent of a termite Gold Star or something). Anyway, in a matter of months the entire colony has partaken of the ill-fated feast, and before you know it, the mortician termites (not a thing) have more business than they can handle.  

But seriously folks, termites are difficult pests to get rid of, and if not stopped these pests can cause an estimated $5 billion a year in property damage. That’s a lot of 2x4s. Termites are in the soil below and around your home, continually foraging and feeding on dead wood material. Fox Pest Control-deployed Sentricon bait stations are discreet, easily replenished, and will eliminate current termite colonies as well as preventing future termite colonies from moving in and chowing down!

If you suspect termites, or you want to learn more about preventing termite colonies from attacking your home, we recommend that you give us a call immediately at (855) 953-2002 or submit a contact form here

Join Fox and save our wood for future generations … of people!

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