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Skunks & Valentine’s Day

Skunks & Valentine’s Day

Skunks & Valentine’s Day

Posted January 8, 2021

The Back Story

Have you ever wondered why our odorsome friends are often seen on Valentine’s Day cards and decorations? Let us explain… 

Skunks are burrowers. Instead of hibernating during the winter, you may find skunks taking shelter under your foundation, porch, or just under the surface of your yard. Mating season for skunks is between February and March. In fact, just around Valentine’s Day male skunks start to appear and wander around in search of a mate. These aromatic creatures just may have a romantic bone in their body. While the males are on the search for love, female skunks will stay cuddled up in their burrows. 

Unfortunately, when love is in the air, so is the skunk’s notorious smell. When a female skunk refuses the advances of the male, she shoots out her spray.

Did you know that skunks can accurately spray about 10 feet? Though you probably don’t want these animals wandering around your yard, skunks are not known to be aggressive unless threatened. If you do have skunks on your property, we recommending hiring a local exclusion specialist.

Printable Skunk Valentines and Crafts

We may help keep skunks off of your property, but we are all for them being on your Valentine’s Day cards. Here are a few “stinking” adorable skunk Valentines to make someone’s day! Just print them off and personalize them with a name and note.

Want to decorate skunk style? Here is a fun and easy Skunk Valentine’s Day craft perfect for kids. Download the cut outs and follow the instructions on the print out. From your friends at Fox Pest Control, we hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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