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Spring Pests Coming To A Home Near You

Spring Pests Coming To A Home Near You

Spring Pests Coming To A Home Near You

Posted April 16, 2021

It is that time of year again. Homeowners will begin to see renewed pest activity in and around their properties. The usual suspects include termites, carpenter ants, regular ants, and spiders. These critters typically lay fairly low during the colder months (temperatures under 50) and then begin to come out to play (destructively) when the temperatures get warmer. 


To be sure, termites don’t take the winter off (I mean, a bug’s gotta eat, right? … and mate … and start new colonies), but signs of a termite infestation do become more visible when things warm up. For example, you’ll start to see what’s called “termite shelter tubes” on the foundation. Those are mini termite highways, transportation routes if you will, helping subterranean termites “get to where the gettin’s good” i.e., the wooden frame upon which your  house is built … uh, yikes!

Carpenter Ants

These little industrious guys like to set up shop, and their colonies, in your walls. They don’t consume the wood in their way, but they gnaw tunnels through it to build their communities — and with no HOAs! Some of the signs of a carpenter ant problem include little piles of sawdust like shavings underneath wooden items. And you may actually hear soft rustling sounds coming from the walls. Once you’re sure you’re not channeling the ghost of old Auntie Mable, you should turn your attention to the carpenter ants going to town on your house.


Your garden variety ants come in all shapes and sizes but generally fall into one of three classes: Queens, workers (non-breeding females), and males, whose only job, apparently, is to mate with the queen — the rest of the time the males sit around on the sofa, eating aphids, and watching sports on their 1/16 – inch flat screens (sound familiar?). The workers, on the other hand, aren’t sitting around at all. Spring is when new colonies are just getting their start, and also when you’re likely to see the tenacious little diggers out looking for food — and they’re not shopping online, either. They like to traipse around your place trying to score a food source that will keep the queen happy and the males fat and sassy. Don’t let them get their tiny little footholds in your kitchen. Do what you can to keep them from finding crumbs of food or sticky residue on the floor or on dirty dishes in the sink!


Arachnids love the spring, and, actually, anytime of the year when they can snag a bite to eat — but spring is a time of renewal. The time of year when young bugs — who don’t know enough not to fly into the tangled webs they weave — get caught up in all the hubbub and never make it home. There are, of course, dangerous spiders that if disturbed could inflict serious pain — or worse — on the humans they encounter. Watch out for the creepy crawlies when you’re doing your spring cleaning. You may be messing with Spencer Spider’s established winter home, and he’ll probably not take kindly to it. 

The good news is Fox Pest Control has a killer plan to protect your home (in fact we call it the Home Protection Plan) which includes four seasonal treatments designed to keep all these bugs at bay year round. When you sign up, we’ll send a licensed and trained pest control technician to your home at least four times a year to get rid of those pests … and we’re good at it, too!

If you are starting to see springtime pest activity, we recommend you give us a call immediately at (855) 953-2002 or submit a contact form here

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