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Why We Use Sentricon

Why We Use Sentricon

Why We Use Sentricon

Posted April 12, 2021

Termites can be a serious concern for homeowners. They can destroy the wood in and around your home and completely ruin any building. These pests live in colonies of millions and can cause significant damage to a home in as little as three years. 

Thankfully, Fox Pest Control has teamed up with Sentricon, the best termite solution in the industry, to keep your home safe.

What is Sentricon?

Sentricon is a revolutionary complete termite prevention company that uses a very simple concept: Give the termites what they want. Unlike traditional liquid traps, Sentricon uses a wood based trap to bait termites and kill entire colonies. The termites will forage for more food until they find Sentricon food station. Here they will find a highly desirable lethal food source that they will take back to their colonies.

You can start your Sentricon treatment before you have a termite problem, or during a full blown infestation and it will start working right away. 

The Sentricon system’s active ingredient is noviflumuron, which is deadly for termites but completely safe for your pets, kids, and plants to be around.

Get started with Sentricon today by calling Fox Pest Control at (855) 459-0722 to get a free estimate and inspection.

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